Do you love Shimmyshine clothing? Want to become apart of the #shimmyshinesquad? With our new sponsorship programme, we are recruiting social media savvy individuals with a passion for festival fashion to promote our clothing brand.

By filling in your details below you could be given a unique discount code for 15% off everything, eg. GRACE15. You can then use this code to promote the brand through social media channels like instagram etc. The usage of this code is to monitor your true interest in our brand, and how much you love to spread the word about our amazing products 😉

  • This code only has to be used a total of three times(we will keep track of its usage), it can be used by yourself, friends, family etc - literally anyone! 
  • Once it has been used 3 times on our site, you will be automatically enrolled in the sponsorship programme, like so many of ur fave fashion influencers who have already joined!
  • The programme involves being on an exclusive list to be sent new products and releases for free. For example, our A/W19 collection releases soon so you would be sent gifted products from this. 
  • The only commitment that you have is to use your code as much as possible, continue to show an interest in the brand and of course create amazing content when you do receive the new products.


- Must be over 17

- Must have over 1000 followers

- Must be willing to promote the brand in exchange for the perks 

These are the only requirements but we do want you to have a keen interest in the brand and would be confident wearing the ShimmyShine style


1. Enter your name, email address and phone number below

2. Write us a little something about why you want to become a sponsor for Shimmyshine Clothing 

3. If we like what we hear, we will then send you your unique discount code



We can't wait to hear from you!

- The Shimmyshine Team xo