• Here at Shimmyshine Clothing we make sassy ‘fits for girls who wanna have fun and look good for their next event.
  • Our clothing is girly, sassy, bright and bold - designed to make our gals feel super special and comfortable whatever they are doing.
  • Our customers strive to find unique clothing that help them level up their style with shimmer, shine and sparkle.
  • Whatever your plans, we’ve got the sauce. Whether you are needing that bomb outfit for that festival you’ve been saving up for all year or just another night out in town, we got you!


  • We are an independent brand – our style is set apart from the rest with our signature shines, satisfying colour palettes and double-tap worthy prints that are sure to set all eyes on you.
  • All pieces are original, exclusive and individual – designed and made by us, for you, in our UK studio. Our Shimmyshine Girl Bosses do everything from designing fabrics, cutting, sewing and packing your order.
  • Our designs empower girls with confidence and body positivity to express their individuality and identity, whilst remaining cool and on-trend in the freshest styles.
  • We also know it’s important to look good always and get the coolest pics for the ‘gram. We aim to keep you connected and informed on the socials’ always, updating you on the sickest looks that are hot rn.




  • We are deffo not your average fashion store – here for the Party babes, Festival queens, Ravers, Clubbers, Up-all-nighters, Concert-goers, Social butterflies and Summer lovers.
  • Looking in your boring wardrobe and feeling uninspired? We feel you hun! We know how much having the perfect outfit matters, and how this impacts how your night goes.
  • Our clothes hope to inject a little excitement into your life and empower you to have fun in everything you do.
  • We believe in a relaxed, cool environment here in the studio – freedom, flexibility and creativity drives the Shimmyshine team to bring fresh new designs to life.


  • Making all the clothes ourselves means we are always striving to put out the highest quality garments, where each item is carefully crafted and made to order for each and every customer.
  • We source only the best quality fabrics to create premium garments that last. They are versatile pieces that can be styled up or down to suit different events throughout your busy social calendar!
  • Customer service is super important here at Shimmyshine Clothing – we treat all our customers like our besties and we want you to have the best, easiest experience when shopping with us.


  • We are all about body positivity – our goal is to create collections that are diverse to suit all body shapes, sizes and styles. Everyone should feel comfortable and be able to wear fun clothes without boundaries.
  • We care about our fashion footprint – that’s why all items are ethically made by us girls in our UK studio – from the designing to the cutting, sewing and packing. Fast fashion is one of the highest polluting industries and clothes often get worn once then thrown away. Here at Shimmyshine Clothing, we challenge this narrative by creating super special pieces of amazing quality than can be treasured, cherished and adored as ur fav go-to in your wardrobe every time.
  • We are committed to sourcing all fabrics and supplies from sustainable UK suppliers, all the way from the threads to the packaging. By purchasing from us you are supporting a small business and also the local economy.
  • Our Zero Waste policy means we recycle all waste where possible. Fabric remnants and offcuts get made into scrunchies, headbands or face masks. Anything left over gets saved and transported to a textile recycling centre.


  • The #shimmyshinesquad collective is our girl gang of style-conscious social media influencers who are leading trend setters serving hottest looks in the game.
  • Our girls know how to rock our pieces perfectly and give us the ultimate style-inspo on the gram.
  • Through the #shimmyshinesquad hashtag we hope to create a community of gals who support one another in finding their fashion destiny/identity.
  • We provide a non-judgemental space where our girls can share their top styling tips and produce the boldest iconic looks with the wider fashion community.
  • Wanna join the clique? Head to our ‘INFLUENCERS’ website section to find out more!